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Napa Valley “Right Bank” Bordeaux Style Wines

The new vintage of PALAZZO 2008 Cabernet Franc is yet another beautiful example of just how spectacular
Cab Franc can be from our Valley! The nose is filled with ‘delicate floral tones’ of crushed violets & cassis, red cherries, raspberries & black currants ... with just a hint of coco powder laced throughout. On the palate the wine shows a complexity, structure & acidity rarely seen in Napa Valley Cab Franc’s. The wine literally ‘dances with brightness & purity’... revealing stunning sweet fruit of crushed cherries & red raspberries, with a touch of spiciness & earth / minerality.

The mouth feel is rich & plush, with supple sweet tannins & a velvety texture...with an elegant and seductive finish!


Hi from the Napa Valley – Wow, I can’t believe it…if the vintages weren’t printed on the side of the bottles, I wouldn’t believe another year has already passed since I released my last vintage of PALAZZO 2007 Cabernet Franc!

What a great year it has been for Palazzo Wines! Thank you to everyone who has helped support me and my
wines...making them such a tremendous success across the country! I am very fortunate and thankful that so many
people have appreciated & enjoyed the ‘style’ of my wines, and what I’m trying to make / create in the Napa Valley!

I’m very excited to be releasing my ‘3rd Vintage’ of PALAZZO 2008 Cabernet Franc! Although the 2008 growing season was not without its difficulties ... frost, shatter & uneven ripening in the vineyards ... it was in fact, these adversities that forced me to be ‘meticulous’ in the fruit selection & harvesting process. Which in turn, allowed me to make yet another ‘beautifully crafted & elegantPALAZZO Cabernet Franc! Proving again, I might add ... that Napa Valley not only has the ability to make ‘wonderfully delicious’ tasting wines ... but also wines that possess the ‘elegant structure & acidity’ required to make them delicate and beautifully balanced food wines ...allowing them to be paired with a broader range of delicious foods!

After releasing the first two vintages of my ‘Right Bank’ inspired Palazzo Napa Valley Red Wine, I was hugely
honored to be asked by chef /owner Thomas Keller if I would produce an exclusive bottling of Palazzo Cabernet Franc, for his famous restaurants, the French Laundry in Napa Valley... Per Se in New York City... and Bouchon in Las Vegas. Of course I said “YES!”… and when the wine was received extremely well that year, it became the impetus for me to move ahead and produce my first vintage of PALAZZO Cabernet Franc for the marketplace!

Our goal at PALAZZO is, and always will be, to produce beautiful wines of outstanding quality, with distinction
and class! Wines that are both powerful & elegant... and pair well with a broad range of foods... reminiscent of the style and quality of wines that come from the wonderful ‘Right Bank’ region of Bordeaux, France!

~ A votre sante! . . .  Scott Palazzo





Palazzo 2006 Cabernet Franc

100% Cabernet Franc
30% New French Oak
Bottling Date:
April 27, 2010
(Mom's 75th Birthday)
Release Date:
October 1, 2010
Total Produced:
400 Cases - 750ml