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Napa Valley & Right Bank Bordeaux Style Wines

The PALAZZO 2011 Cuveé Blanc is a 'beautiful & elegantly crafted' food wine ... made predominately from the wonderfully exotic & aromatic Semillon grape, with just a touch of Sauvignon Blanc blended in for 'finesse & structure'. The nose is once more wonderfully 'floral & seductive' with intense aromas of pear & orange blossoms, rose petals, and hints of spearmint, beeswax & white truffle laced throughout. On the palate there is a rich, broad oily texture & weight, along with bright, zesty acidity, giving the wine a 'beautifully balance mouth-feel'! Delicious white peach, nectarine & apricot fruit flavors fill your mouth, with notes of Meyer lemon zest & a slight, pleasant bitterness of walnut skin adding complexity. The finish is 'lush & weighty' and wonderfully long - especially for a white wine! A 'superior food wine' to be enjoyed!


Hi from the Napa Valley - As I've said in the past, if the vintages weren't printed on the sides of the bottles, I wouldn't believe an entire year has already gone by since I released my inaugural vintage of PALAZZO 2011 Cuveé Blanc! It's been another wonderful year for us here at Palazzo Wine! We hope this past year has brought you & your loved ones joy, abundance & renewed vision for life!

As always, a big thank you to everyone who has continued to show excitement and support for our wines, and in the process helped make them such a tremendous success across the country & around the world!

I'm so excited to be releasing our 2nd vintage of PALAZZO 2011 Cuveé Blanc! The inaugural 2011 vintage was received with such overwhelming enthusiasm by so many of the Top Sommeliers and Chefs here in America ... that we decided to make more!

For those who didn't get a chance to try our1st vintage of PALAZZO Cuveé Blanc (only 9 barrels produced) our new PALAZZO 2011 Cuveé Blanc is once again inspired by the great Bordeaux Blancs of France!

Our goal at PALAZZO WINE is, and always will be, to produce beautiful wines of outstanding quality with distinction and class! Wines that are both a 'powerful & elegant'... and pair well with a broad range of foods, reminiscent of the style and quality of wines that come from the wonderful region of Bordeaux, France!

À votre santé ... Scott Palazzo

Palazzo 2011 Cuvee Blanc

90% Semillon
10% Sauvignon Blanc
Bottling Date:
May 1st, 2012
Release Date:
October 1, 2012
Total Produced:
450 Cases - 750ml