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It’s very rewarding and always a lot of fun to hear how much people are really enjoying our wines! 
My goal when I starting making Palazzo Wines, was that my wines would become a part of every-
one’s celebrations, parties & meal times with friends & family, and that the wines would add a
little pleasure & enjoyment to all of our everyday lives! 

When I get to read beautiful comments from you our customers, like the one’s below, I know that I
have in some way achieved my goal of helping to bring a little happiness & good cheer … and good
wine to people’s lives!  Thank you for sharing – Scott (-:

– Scott Palazzo

what customers are saying!
“My wife and I had a bottle of your wine at Lewnes' Steak House in Annapolis last night. It was tremendous and tasted great with the excellent steaks we had. We shared it with several of our friends who are on the staff there – so you have additional converts! Keep up the great work!”
Jim & Valerie
  — annapolis
“Scott, just wanted to drop you a thank you for stopping by last week to taste us on your awesome wine! Matter of fact, it made such an impression on myself and Todd, that we will be adding it to our wine list next week. It's just the type of wine that my wife and I love! It’s a ‘no brainer’ for our restaurant. We definitely appreciate you stopping by. Thanks again for thinking of Morton's Steakhouse on your visit to Phoenix!”
Michael & Todd
  — phoenix
“I just tried your wine at Ravenous and was blown away—it was fantastic. I’m interested in ordering some or picking it up. I live down in the Bay Area. Thanks for making our dinner fantastic!”
  — san francisco
“Took my father out to dinner last night and he loved your wine. Where did you get this he asked? I told him I’m a member of your Allocation Club. Still have 9 bottles left! Hope everything is well. Keep up the great work!”
  — dallas
“I was given a bottle of your ‘Right Bank’ Red. Simply put, it was the best wine I have ever had! I would like to purchase several bottles! How can I purchase them? Thanks again! And l Iook forward to being a long time customer"
  — new york city
“I drank another bottle of your Palazzo Cuvee Blanc / White at Pinot Bistro in Sherman Oaks. It was delicious! You are onto something special, so congratulations, and where can I buy some?!!” Do you have a Wine Club?!!”
Jeremy & Michelle
  — los angeles
“Scott – I just had my first bottle of Palazzo last night and I never drink during the week with my work. It was outstanding!”
  — miami
“I recently joined your Allocation Club and my first order arrived today.  Just popped a bottle of the Right Bank Reserve.  Seriously great.  Kudos and cheers.”
  — saint louis
“My wife and I just drank your Palazzo Cabernet Franc at the Little Door with the owner. We are very impressed and wondered how we can buy it?”
Robert & Patty
  — los angeles
“I had the pleasure of drinking a bottle of the 2003 Palazzo and was very impressed. I live in San Diego, CA and would like to know if there is a local wine shop in the area where I can pick up a case. Do you have a list of locations where the wine is sold? Do you sell direct? Thanks.”
Glenn & Dana
  — san diego
“Wow…what a great taste!!  Your ‘Right Bank’ Red Rocks!!  Can this be bought by the case?”
  — columbus
“Just REALLY enjoyed your Napa Valley ‘Right Bank’ Red at Sage Restaurant in Newport Beach, CA.  It was the featured wine on the menu, and was recommended by the waiter.  It was fantastic!  Great complexity.  Can you tell me where I might be able to find it at retail in Orange County, CA? Or do you have a Wine Club?  Thanks and keep up the great work!”
Joseph & Kim
  — orange county