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We are so thankful and honored for the outstanding reception and reviews our wines have received
from the Press and Trade since we released our inagural vintage of the Palazzo 2003 ‘Right Bank’
Proprietary Red! Because of the numerous articles and reviews written, more and more wine lovers
have discovered our delicious wines. Its our priveliedge to share some of these exciting articles and
reviews with you!

articles & reviews
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Scott Palazzo
Makes Food Wines!
Almost two decades ago, while sitting in what was then the Raven movie theater in Headsburg, Scott Palazzo watched as Miles, the wine snob and main character of the movie Sideways, angrily trashed Merlot and refused to drink it. Palazzo’s heart sank. He was finishing his first harvest in Napa Valley – and Merlot made up the lion’s share of the master blend of 400 cases of his . . .  [ MORE ]
Bordeaux-Inspired Reds
Grammy-nominated music Producer/Director Scott Palazzo has been making wines that fit into the ‘cult’ category in Napa for just under a decade now, including his latest release of Bordeaux-inspired reds. He made his first vintage of ‘Right Bank’ Proprietary Red in 2003, and ten vintages later the Palazzo 2013 ‘Right Bank’ Reserve ($90) is a . . . .  [ MORE ]
The Holiday Season’s Essentials!
Palazzo Cabernet Franc
Proprietor Scott Palazzo is devoted to the wines of Bordeaux’s Right Bank, which emphasize Carbernet Franc and Merlot in their blends. His classically styled Napa Valley Red Wine, for example, uses 70 percent Merlot, only 8 percent Cabernet Savignon, and 22 percent Cabernet Franc. In 2006 he bottled Cab Franc on its own . . .  [ MORE ]
A New Cult In Napa – Palazzo Wine
A decade ago, L.A. native Scott Palazzo was nominated for a Grammy for work as a music video Producer/Director. But he chucked that career at age 45 to follow a dream that started in the picking fields of Bordeaux, something he had first encountered as a guitar-toting teenager . . .        [ MORE ]
The Rock-And-Roll Winemaker
It’s the kind of brilliantly sunny early Spring day in Los Angeles that casts a forget-your-woes spell over eveyone, especially those lucky enough to be sipping wine in the middle of a weekday afternoon at an outdoor cafe. And among these what-me-worry patrons who seem without a care in the midst of . . .  [ MORE ]
SCORE – Palazzo Wine!
SCORE! Palazzo Wine! O.C. native and music video producer turned winemaker, Scott Palazzo is reeling in rave reviews – in the form of 93+ scores from esteemed wine arbiter Robert Parker Jr. Palazzo Napa Valley Red, a Bordeaux blend, snagged 94 points, and Palazzo Cabernet Franc earned 93, both for the 2006 vintage . . .  [ MORE ]
Legends In The Making –
Palazzo ‘Right Bank’ Proprietary Red Wine
The 2005 vintage is all over the press and everyday we hear about how great it was for Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Rhone and elsewhere; but it constantly seems that California is left out. Lucky for us, many people have overlooked that California’s 2005 vintage was very strong and has produced some phenomenal wines that may just be ‘Legends in the Making’ . . .  [ MORE ]
98 Points!
Palazzo ‘Right Bank’ Proprietary Red Wine
Proprietor Scott Palazzo is a Right Bank Bordeaux fan and styles his red wines after those of Pomerol. The wine is made by Napa Valley wine making veteran Peter Franus. 98 POINTS! . . .          [ MORE ]
A Baby-Petrus Perhaps –
Palazzo ‘Right Bank’ Proprietary Red Wine
Scott Palazzo is another one of those up-by-his-bootstraps type guys we love who simply go ahead and make wine to their own vision. Blending Merlot, Cab Franc and Cab in a Right Bank restrained style ( a baby Petrus perhaps?), Scott has turned his back on the notion that Napa has to be big, big, big, to be good . . .  [ MORE ]
Simply Red
– Palazzo ‘Right Bank’ Proprietary Red Wine
Scott Palazzo’s four vintage journey from wine amateur to wine auteur is reaching cult status as the Palazzo Napa Valley Red is hailed by Roots Cellar the “The next Harlan”. The Aventura resident, whose previous career was as a music video producer and Director of Grammy-winning music videos ( remember Oingo Boingo? ) . . .  [ MORE ]
Wine of the Week!
Palazzo ‘Right Bank’ Proprietary Red Wine
“Red Wine.” Sounds so generic. But I’ve found it’s often code for ‘killer value’ – especially if you compare price points to one called Proprietary Red. Calling it Red Wine lets you get all wacky with the blends, mix it up, have some fun and price it well. It’s just more casual-sounding than Proprietary Red, which sounds stogy. You can’t yell out at a party “Hey, open some Propritary Red, man”. Well, you can, but . .  [ MORE ]
Wines for Every Occasion –
Palazzo ‘Right Bank’ Proprietary Red Wine
If the wine lover in your life is always seeking the next big thing, this gets them ahead of the curve. Scott Palazzo’s Merlot-focused tribute to Bordeaux’s Right Bank plays big with its layered fruit. Plenty of L.A. types come to Napa to strut their stuff, but Palazzo, a music video director by trade, spent years . . .  [ MORE ]
‘Cult’ Bordeaux-Style Red From Napa
Palazzo ‘Right Bank’ Proprietary Red Wine
A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity. (Honest) Your opportunity to purchase a new Napa Valley ‘Cult’ Bordeaux-Style Red equal to $150-plus per bottle super-wines in everything but price! . . .      [ MORE ]