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To better understand the nuances and history of each of our wines, the Wine Release Sheets we
provide to the Trade for each vintage / wine, are listed below for your enjoyment & discovery.

The Wine Release Sheets for our current vintages, as well as ALL of the Wine Release Sheets dating
back to our inaugural vintage of the Palazzo 2003 ‘Right Bank’ Proprietary Red Blend are available
below for your reference & enjoyment!

current wine release sheets
2014 ‘Right Bank’ Reserve
Napa Valley Proprietary Red
Hi from the Napa Valley! Well, if you haven’t heard … we ended last year with an outstanding 2018 Harvest! Lots of stunning, great quality fruit … that should yield beautiful wines yet again from our amazing Napa Valley! And I can’t think of a better way to celebrate and begin the new year, than by releasing my new PALAZZO 2014 'Right Bank' RESERVE Proprietary Red Wine!  [ MORE ]
2014 Cabernet Franc Reserve
Napa Valley
Hi from Napa Valley! I am very excited to be releasing the new vintage of my PALAZZO 2014 Cabernet Franc RESERVE! It’s my 10th Vintage of making Cabernet Franc here in Napa Valley...and it is a spectacular ‘world class’ example of just how delicious & amazing Cabernet Franc can be from Napa Valley! It’s been a tremendous journey these past 15 years, learning and mastering ...  [ MORE ]
2015 Cuvée Blanc Reserve
Napa Valley
The new 2015 PALAZZO Cuvée Blanc RESERVE has beautiful floral aromatics of white peach, pear and tropical fruit! Amazing richness and opulence on the palate ... with rich, complex structure and minerality ... reminiscent of great Bordeaux Blancs from the Graves and Entre-Deux-Mers regions of France. A ‘Superior Food Wine’ to be enjoyed!  [ MORE ]
2016 ‘Left Bank’ Red Cuvée
Master Blend Series
The PALAZZO 2016 ‘Left Bank’ Red Cuvée is the 2nd vintage of my new wine … and is definitely a crowd pleaser for sure! Showing gorgeous Cabernet Sauvignon fruit up front on the nose and palate …along with a rich, lush mouthfeel and finish! It drinks beautifully now … and will continue to develop nicely over the next 10+ years!  [ MORE ]
2018 Chardonnay
Master Blend Series
I am so excited to be releasing my second wine in the Palazzo Wine ~ Master Blend Series~ the PALAZZO 2018 Chardonnay from Napa Valley! After years and years of requests from friends, sommeliers, distributors, and restaurants ... I was able to find beautiful fruit from the Carneros Appellation in Napa Valley!  [ MORE ]
previous wine release sheets
Palazzo ‘Right Bank’
Napa Valley Proprietary Red
Palazzo Cabernet Franc
Napa Valley
Palazzo Cuvée Blanc
Napa Valley
Palazzo ‘Left Bank’ Red Cuvée
Master Blend Series