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To assist you in your advertising/publication needs, Palazzo Wine is providing links to our logos in
various sizes and files types to fit both high-resolution publishing needs and low-resolution digital
web & email advertising uses. We thank you for partnering with Palazzo Wine to bring attention to
our exceptional wines and extend the Palazzo Wine Brand!

Use of Palazzo Wine logos is copyright protected.

palazzo wine logo sheet
Palazzo Wine Logo Sheet
This complete Logo Sheet is for those that have access to Adobe Illustrator, and know how to extract a desired logo configuration from a page of logo options. These logos are vector based and scalable. *These vector logos can also be converted to png images for web and email purposes.
palazzo wine individual logos
Palazzo Wine Individual Logos
Palazzo Wine individual logos are provided in both vertical and horizontal configurations, and multiple file formats to facilitate your usage needs. Palazzo Wine prefers publications to use Vertical Stacked Logo format whenever possible.
logo color usage
Logo Color
Logo Color for Web & Email – Use Hex# 50391F (Dark Brown) and Hex# BE8352 (Tan).
Full Color Printing Logo Color – Use Dark Brown and Tan CMYK formulas shown below.

Dark Brown
CMYK Color Formula:
C 39 M 56 Y 78 K 62
Hex#: 50391F

CMYK Color Formula:
C 28 M 53 Y 78 K 0
Hex#: BE8352